First world recording of “Enea in Caonia” by J. A. Hasse (CPO label)


Carmela Remigio together with Paola Valentina Molinari (Soprano), Raffaella Lupinacci (Mezzosoprano), Francesca Ascioti (Alto), Celso Albelo (Tenor), Simone Ori (Harpsichord) and the Enea Barock Orchestra conducted by Stefano Montanari are the interpreters of Johann Adolf Hasse’s masterpiece, Enea in Caonia (Aeneas in Chaonia), a Neapolitan Baroque opera. The libretto was inspired by Book III of Vergil’s Aeneid.


The Enea Baroque Orchestra, founded by the mezzo-soprano Francesca Ascioti in 2018, is currently regarded as the best Roman Baroque authority because of the high quality of its musicians.


You can buy and listen to a preview of the CD here